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Diary of a Pilates Instructor...2019 Classes Resume! ✨🤸🏼‍♀️

Just to confirm that Core Factor Pilates classes resumed last night, kicking off with Somersham 6pm and 7:15pm classes!

Also, due to the recent Christmas and New Year 2 week break, all classes this week, no matter what stage in the course your class was before Christmas, ALL CLASSES THIS WEEK will feel more like a MINUS WEEK 1! Ha ha! 😁

It is important to ease back into Pilates gently, so the focus is on stretching and lengthening with some gentle core strengthening.

I’m also delighted to have my very own new Instructor leotards ready for this year, all superbly embroidered to an exceptional high standard by the fabulous Jack Hampson of Impressions Print and Label. I’m so thrilled we work together and very grateful for your support! It’s just brilliant to support local businesses.

I’m also very much in love with my fabulous bling-tasting gold shimmery Spine Stretch mug you very kindly gave me for Christmas! 🎄 You’re not is SOOOOoooo ME!

Thank you so very much Impressions Print and Label for my wonderful and thoughtful gift! 🥰

Year 6 Anniversary snuggle blankets and Spine Stretch mugs are all done too! So these will be on their way to those who have been doing Pilates with me for 6 years or more and to those who recently placed their head on the floor during The Spine Stretch!

So, I look forward to seeing you in class!

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