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What classes do you offer?

CORE FACTOR PILATES provides 10 weekly classes at VENUE, which are also streamed LIVE on✨ ZOOM. You can attend in person or join on Zoom if time pressed or due to distance or other commitments.

Who are classes suitable for?

All classes are suitable for adults of all ages and virtually all levels of fitness.  Whether you are new to Pilates or have some experience in this unique form of exercise, each class and every 10 week course is planned specifically to provide gentle but challenging and attainable progression.  All exercises are demonstrated in full, adapted to suit you, with 'Easy/Low Versions', 'Intermediate Versions' and then (if appropriate to the individual) progressing over time to the 'Full Versions' of the 34 ORIGINAL Pilates exercises. Step-by-step physical and verbal instruction is provided.

How do I join a class by Zoom?

Simply visit and click on JOIN MEETING and follow the instructions or download the Zoom App on your computer/laptop, smartphone or tablet.

If you have a SMART TV, you can Mirror your device to your TV!

How do I book a class?

E-mail and advise which class from the timetable you would like to book.

Details will then be E-mailed to you and please complete the online HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE, which needs to be completed and submitted before your first class.  This ensures that any necessary adjustments or amendments to the exercises can be catered for.  Pilates Liz is here for you, so that you can gain the maximum benefit from Pilates, supporting you in every class and beyond.

Pilates Liz teaches each class with care and observation, together with positive corrections when necessary.  Throughout the class, clear, timed and specific instructions on the Pilates Breathing Technique and direction, are given constantly during the practice of each exercise to guide and remind you, controlling smooth moves with fluidity and grace.


The beauty of the proper and regular performance of Pilates, is that progress is gentle, helping you to gradually increase and re-gain muscle strength, flexibility, co-ordination and control. CORE FACTOR PILATES gives you exactly this, providing 

What is the Class Schedule?

There are 9 classes available a week. 5 day-time at venue, 4 evening classes (2 at venue) all streamed LIVE on ZOOM. Courses run on a 10 week rotational and progressive basis and are suitable for adults of virtually all ages and fitness levels but you can join mid-course at any time. 


6-7pm Somersham &  ✨ZOOM  



11:30am-12:30 Somersham & ✨ZOOM 

6-7pm Somersham✨ZOOM

 7:15-8:15pm Somersham ✨ZOOM


9:15-10:15am Somersham & ✨ZOOM 

 11:15am-12:15pm Bury & ✨ZOOM 


10-11am Colne & ✨ZOOM 

 6-7pm Abbots Ripton & ✨ZOOM 

7:30-8:30pm Pidley & ✨ZOOM


10-11am Needingworth & ✨ZOOM

How much is a class pass?

1st Trial Class Pass  £8  

Single Class Pass - £12

Pass lasts 1 month. Attend a venue class or join on Zoom. 

Trio Class Pass - £33 (£11 per class)

Pass lasts 6 months. Attend 5 venue classes or join on Zoom. 

5 Class Pass - £50 (£10 per class)

Pass lasts 3 months. Attend 3 venue classes or join on Zoom. 

10 Class Pass £95 (£9.50 per class)

Pass lasts 6 months. Attend 10 venue classes or join on Zoom.


Course Membership provides the best and most value!  UNLIMITED Pilates classes over 10 weeks!



Household residents and visitors can access unlimited Zoom classes 


Is there a discount?

YES! For CORE FACTOR PILATES Members who have attended courses consecutively for 2 YEARS, a 10% LOYALTY DISCOUNT is awarded on all future courses, reducing the course fee from £90 to £81!

Do classes run through school holidays?

YES! Courses run throughout the year but I do need time to rest and relax myself, so there are no classes on;

  • Bank Holidays

  • Easter Break (1 WEEK)

  • Summer Break (3 WEEKS from mid August to 1st Monday in September)

  • Christmas and New Year Break (2 WEEKS)

  • PLUS AD HOC DAYS (prior notice is given)

Details of all breaks in Pilates courses are published and notified to classes well in advance under DIARY DATES, monthly newsletters and both verbal and E-mail reminders issued. 


If you miss a class...

If you cannot attend your usual regular venue class, just text Pilates Liz on 07530 43 82 37 to book your place at another VENUE class instead. Please text Liz directly for speed, rather than E-mail Julie. Remember, you can always JOIN any of the LIVE! ZOOM classes.  

Attending a 10 week course and practising 2-3 times a week, ensures faster progression towards the proper performance of the Pilates exercises and greater benefits.


How do I pay? 

Payment can be made by BACS at your convenience;

Payee:  Core Factor Pilates

Sort Code: 20-45-77

Account: 53953254

Ref: 'Your Name'

CARD or CASH in person at a venue class


Do you provide Pilates mats?


Proper 25mm bespoke BRITISH made Pilates mats are provided at venue classes for you to use. Mats are disinfected before and after each use. 


If you prefer to have your very own personal mat for use at venue or home on Zoom, they are available to buy via the SHOP. Click here to browse the colour and size options.

Alternatively, you can make your own HOMEMADE Pilates Mat!  Don't just use a Yoga mat as it is not thick enough for Pilates. Here's how to make your own mat...


What do I need to wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, which allows you stretch, such a tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a comfortable long or short-sleeve top.  Also, maybe wear a pair of non-slip socks to keep your feet warm! Non-slip socks are available to purchase in class or online.

What is the Class Timetable?

Please click here on the TIMETABLE to view the Schedule of VENUE & LIVE! ✨ZOOM CLASSES AVAILABLE.  

How do I access the Pilates Videos?

10 week Course Membership gives you access to the Pilates Videos. Videos deliver 7, 8 or 10 PILATES EXERCISES as well as the Warm Up, Standing Posture and practice of the Pilates Breathing Technique. Each video includes necessary stretches and relaxation to maximise on the benefits of each Pilates exercise. Videos range between 50 minus, an hour and just over at 1 hour 5 minutes with a separate Spine Stretch video at 10 minutes. Each of the videos has a MENU too, so you can choose which one you would like to do or scroll to the exercises you want to do.


I do hope you enjoy the videos. Pilates, unlike high impact or aerobic exercise, can be practised daily; in fact Joseph Pilates himself encouraged for all 34 Mat work Pilates exercises should be performed DAILY to firstly transform the body, improve fitness, strength, flexibility, control and importantly maintain all this, improving health and happiness!

Please click on the links below to access each video.

I have a question!                                                                                                                                                        Please email

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