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Availability At a Glance

MAY 2020


Tuesday 26th 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 27th 2-4pm

Thursday 28th 1-3pm

JUNE 2020

Tuesday 2nd 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 3rd 2-4pm

Thursday 4th 1-3pm

Tuesday 9th 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 10th 2-4pm

Thursday 11th 1-3pm

Tuesday 16th 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 17th 2-4pm

Thursday 18th 1-3pm

Tuesday 23rd 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 24th 2-4pm

Thursday 25th 1-3pm

Tuesday 30th 1:30-3pm

JULY 2020


Wednesday 1st 2-4pm

Thursday 2nd 1-3pm

Tuesday 7th 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 8th 2-4pm

Thursday 9t 1-3pm

Tuesday 14th 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 15th 2-4pm

Thursday 16th 1-3pm

Tuesday 21st 1:30-3pm 

Wednesday 22nd 2-4pm

Thursday 23rd 1-3pm

Tuesday 28th 1:30-3pm

Wednesday 29th 2-4pm

Thursday 30th 1-3pm

How to Book

1. Choose the available date and time from the At a Glance list above.

2. Click on the appropriate link BELOW to book your preferred date and time from the calendar and complete your booking details.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only dates listed above, are AVAILABLE.

3.  You will receive an E-mail confirmation of your booking.


4. 24 hours before, you will receive an E-mail reminder.


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