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Elizabeth Reid, Level III Pilates Instructor

A passion for Pilates?  That's me!


I have practised Pilates since 2004 and after 18 years in the insurance industry, I decided to re-train in 2008, so that I could teach Pilates and only pure Pilates, sharing it's secrets of better posture, flexibility and well being with others.  I have seen so many people improve their bodies, gain strength and co-ordination and I was truly inspired to become an Instructor.


I have always loved sport and am utterly fascinated by biology, the human body and movement. I was also a keen gymnast and practised Modern Dance, enjoying formal lessons for several years at the Kilburn School of Dance in Northamptonshire.  I love music so much; it's a big part of my life, spirit and soul. It does make me smile and still even surprise me, that I have such an eclectic taste and mix of music loves, right across the genres. I still love to dance, though these days, it's now informal and when the moment takes me...which is quite often!


Coupled with several years experience in Mat work Pilates before undertaking my Instructor training, I qualified as a Level III Pilates Instructor in 2009, having studied and trained for a year with Fitness Forth Specialist Fitness Training, accredited by NCFE.  I have been trained to teach only the ORIGINAL, pure 34 Pilates mat work exercises that Joseph Pilates designed himself and offer adaptions, allowing for certain conditions and to aid gentle, effective progression.  The proper performance of Pilates is crucial to maximising the benefits from this incredible exercise method, in which the Breathing Techinque is of paramount importance.  


My classes at venues started in July 2009 in Northamptonshire, where I had lived for most of my life, until moving to Cambridgeshire in 2010. I provide 10 weekly classes, 5 daytime and 5 evening, running both at venues and are streamed LIVE! on ZOOM, bringing the true, original 34 Pilates mat work exercises to you, in the most flexible of methods possible, in both senses of the word! to you at venue or online. ZOOM classes are perfect, especially if time is pressing or you don't live locally to venues. They are great too if you have to be somewhere else soon after and you are home, so children and pets are cared for! It makes balancing your time easy, allowing you to fit vital important time in for you, all within the convenience of your own home if you need. 

At venue classes, of course, you benefit from the in-person experience and my one-to-one personal assistance is on-hand, to specifically guide, help, correct and position you if needed or required.  


I am proud to be a qualified British Red Cross Society Emergency First Aider and a member of FitPro (Fitness Professionals Ltd) which is the largest association for fitness professionals worldwide.

In 2012, I also qualified as a PADI Scuba Diver to a depth of 12m. My knowledge and practice of the Pilates Breathing Technique helped me HUGELY and this training course, demonstrated to me just how wide the principles of Pilates REALLY helps you to perform well in other sports and exercise regimes, as well as positively influencing all areas of your life.


In May 2013, I also became a qualified Barefoot Running Technique Instructor and Affiliate of VIVOBAREFOOT, trained with Premier Training International.  


Maintaining good posture and balance is vital for the ease of movement in everything we do but too many of us run incorrectly, even for the bus, often causing injuries and impact damage, particularly to knees, hips and even the spine, from heel-striking.  I can advise how to improve your running technique, so you run as nature intended, without injury or discomfort.  


Practising Pilates regularly with me, will help to correct imbalances in posture and so being able to attend UNLIMITED classes at venue and on Zoom over a 10 week course at £90 allows you practice regularly.  Class Passes are also available as an alternative option at a Single, Trio, 5 or 10 Class Pass. 

I am also delighted to be a BackCare Associate Professional Member since April 2014. BackCare is the national charity concerned with reducing the impact of back pain and they do great work.

My passion and commitment is to you and to make you feel welcome at each class, whether you join me at a venue or on ZOOM, regardless of your fitness level. I am a firm believer in it's what you can do, rather than what you can't... and herein lies the beauty of Pilates. It is adaptive, non-aerobic, low impact, easy on joints, suitable for most body type sizes, heights and experience levels. 


With the regular and correct performance of Pilates the body's muscles can be developed together, which will ultimately produce a more healthy tuned body and happier you!  

Here's to health and happiness, the ultimate goal!!

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