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Spine Stretch Success!

Mugs celebrating THE SPINE STRETCH success are awarded when your pelvic flexibility has improved SO much that you can touch or even rest your head down on the floor during 'The Spine Stretch'!  


This means that you can now go ahead and enjoy a well earned celebratory mug of tea!


The Spine Stretch Wall of Fame!

Congratulations go to...........

July 2022

Oksana Kravchenko 

June 2022

Henry Brittain

April 2022

Tracy Fuller

Susan Keen

November 2021

Chloe Adams

July 2021

Lex Bersey

Joyce Reeves

September 2020

Cynthia Yates

May 2020

Mr. Pickles

October 2018

Karen Quinn

Rachael Nugent

July 2018

Kasita McCleod

Kim Button

April 2018

Mike Ingham

Fiona Bryan

February 2018

Katina Harding

August 2017

Jo Deal

March 2017

Lizzi Pergande

December 2015

Nina Ellis

Jackie Rea

Helen Parker


August 2015

Lee-anne Bower


June 2015

Michelle Chester


April 2015

Rebecca Thompson


February 2015

Louisa Dyer


January 2015

Gillian Gregory

October 2014

Alice Lamble

July 2014

Karen Willis

May 2014

Diane Edwards


April 2014

Linda Papworth-Carter


February 2014

Jim Thompson


December 2013

Alla McDadd


October 2013

Christina Sutton


September 2013

Sarah Halls


August 2013

Sue Martin


July 2013

Jenny Miller


March 2013

Lynda Eggett


April 2012

Lydia Dench 

Alan Tough 


December 2011

Tracey Brown 


October 2011

Claire Owen 


August 2011 

Cathy Wild 

Sue Baldwin

Louisa Grice


June 2011

Cilla Lamble

Sarah Marsden

Natalie Halliday

Margaret Nicholson

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