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Running Lizzie 

A major factor of good posture and back health is down to your feet.  Shoes are so often the culprit in causing pain in our body, emanating from our feet.  It is vital that you allow the thousands of receptors in the soles of the feet, do their thing and communicate with the brain, so you know what surface you are treading on.  


Your brain would simply not allow you to run barefoot, full pelt and heel strike on a pebbly beach! 


Modern day shoes quite simply, have overly cushioned soles, particularly fitness shoes and this blocks the vital messages to the brain, as to what surface you are on.  Without this vital information , it is very likely that you will wrongly place step after step, heel-striking, which over the years, causes impact damage to your ankle, knee, hip joints and ultimately, to your back.


It is so important to let your feet be as barefoot as possible, so when at home, take off your shoes, allow your feet and toes to spread and FEEL the floor beneath you.  Connect with the earth and ground yourself


My brother, who is a Substantive Cardiac Surgery Consultant in London, bought me my first pair of Vivobarefoot shoes as a Birthday present to me, back in 2009 and said that I must have them!  They would change me life...and they have.  From thereon in, I have never looked regular, thick soled trainers were abandoned!  If I am not actually barefoot or in flip flops, I'm either in Vivobarefoot shoes... or Irregular Choice heels on a night out!


So much is my passion for comfortable fitting shoes, that you let you be you, allowing freedom of movement, in May 2013, I became a qualified Barefoot Running Technique Instructor and Affiliate of VIVOBAREFOOT, trained with Premier Training International.

So, I practice what I preach and I run for cardio fitness, running EVERY OTHER DAY, so alternating between 3 and 4 runs a week.  It's so important to run but have a rest day, then run. 


I run WITHOUT pain and don't concern myself with times anymore. I run sometimes 3k, sometimes 4 or 5...maybe 10 but can then run 2k one day, followed by a 1k walk and then another 2k run. The importance is to ix it up and don't put too much pressure on yourself.  As a very good friend told me "JUST RUN". 


I run with good posture, feel comfortable and enjoy it Barefoot style (so only forefoot striking, pushing off with the big toe and just kissing the heel on the ground) and no PAIN!


As a CORE FACTOR PILATES Member, you receive a discount on Vivobarefoot shoes!  So, just contact me, Pilates Liz for your exclusive Membership code! 

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