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The Hundred

Exercise 1. The Hundred

The Roll Up

Exercise 2. The Roll Up

The Roll Over

Exercise 3. The Roll Over

The One Leg Circle

Exercise 4. The One Leg Circle

The Rolling Back

Exercise 5. The Rolling Back

The One Leg Stretch

Exercise 6. The One Leg Stretch

The Double Leg Stretch

Exercise 7. The Double Leg Stretch

The Spine Stretch

Exercise 8. The Spine Stretch


Exercise 9. The Rocker with Open Legs

The Corkscrew

Exercise 10. The Corkscrew


Exercise 11. The Saw

The Swan Dive

Exercise 12. The Swan Dive

The One Leg Kick

Exercise 13. The One Leg Kick

The Double Kick

Exercise 14. The Double Kick

The Neck Pull

Exercise 15. The Neck Pull

The Scissors

Exercise 16. The Scissors

The Bicycle

Exercise 17. The Bicycle

The Shoulder Bridge

Exercise 18. The Shoulder Bridge


Exercise 19. The Spine Twist

The Jack Knife

Exercise 20. The Jack Knife

The Side Kick

Exercise 21. The Side Kick

The Teaser

Exercise 22. The Teaser

The Hip Twist

Exercise 23. The Hip Twist

The Swimming

Exercise 24. Swimming

The Leg Pull Front

Exercise 25. The Leg Pull Front

The Leg Pull

Exercise 26. The Leg Pull

The Side Kick Kneeling

Exercise 27. The Side Kick Kneeling

The Side Bend

Exercise 28. The Side Bend


Exercise 29. The Boomerang

The Seal

Exercise 30. The Seal

The Crab

Exercise 31. The Crab

The Rocking

Exercise 32. The Rocking


Exercise 33. The Control Balance

The Push Up

Exercise 34. The Push Up

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