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NEW FOAM Pilates Mat in PURPLE

1000 x 500 x 5mm

Using 2 x Foam mats will properly support the spine and joints during the performance of Pilates.


Size Guide;

This size mat is suitable for those who are average to tall in height.


When laying supine with the head on the mat, both shoulders should be square on the mat. The torso and glutes should be supported by the mat. During a supported shoulder stand, both elbows should be placed comfortably on the mat.

PURPLE Foam Pilates Mat x 2

Colour: Purple
  • Cleaning

    The mat is splash proof and may be gently cleaned with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth with dis-infectant spray,  solution or wipes.


    Avoid wearing leggings or shorts with zip tags, which can easily create damage in the foam mats, such as dents or small holes.


    Please store flat under a bed or similar.  Avoid placing any object on the mat long-term to avoid indentations. Do not roll.

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