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Diary of a Pilates Instructor...Something for the weekend? Avocado Savoury Crumpets! 🍳 🥑🌶🥓

Another super week of 12 classes, fabulous 1-2-1 and lunchtime corporate sessions! Well done to you all! 🌟

I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been eating recently, which makes an incredibly satisfying breakfast or brunch...perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday...

My husband, Barry, makes the most delicious hot crumpets, with bacon, avocodo, chilli and poached egg...My role in this, is creating the perfect poached egg every time! If you don’t want the meat, just ditch the bacon! 

Now, Jamie Oliver has pretty much taught me all I know on cooking and poaching eggs but I find that despite using super fresh and free-range egg, I do need more than use a pan of recently boiled water, to poach the perfect egg! 

So, here’s how to make this amazing crumpet feast;

🥑 Place 4 small cooking rings (3-3.5 inches in diameter) into a large, deep frying pan of water and boil. Then turn down to a very gentle don’t want to see any bubbles as boiling water is just too hot! 

🥑 Gently pan fry 2 rashers of good quality bacon Johnsons of Old Hurst. Do not brown or allow to crisp. Turn off the heat.

🥑 Remove the stalk end and carefully score and cut lengthways around a ripe avocado, feeling for the knife against the stone. Carefully remove the stone, pressing the knife edge in and with a gentle twist of the knife, the stone will detach. 

🥑 Peel the avocado skin away from each half, place in a bowl flat side down and crush with a potato masher. 

🥑 Blitz 3 small red Birdseye chillies 🌶 in a mini food processor or finely chop with a knife. 

🥑 Trim the excess fat from the bacon rashers and remove just the main oval of bacon. Add the rasher lengths to the mini food prossesor and blitz together with the chilli. 

🥑 Mix the blitzed bacon bits and chilli into the bowl of crushed avocado. 

🥑 Then take 2 FRESH eggs from free-range ‘Happy Chickens’ please, crack each egg into a glass and then plop into a cooking ring in the simmering saucepan of water....and look away!

(Get your supply from the happy hens at Colne Heath Farm, near the recycling centre 24/7 from the egg machines. There are now 3 sheds! 💕Just £2 for a dozen of the most amazingly delicious and super fresh eggs!)

🥑 In a little microwaveable bowl or cup, melt a knob of butter. 30 seconds should do it. 

🥑 Toast 2 crumpets, plate and then drizzle the melted butter over each crumpet, so it oozes into the crumpet holes.

🥑 Keep an eye on your poaching eggs and be ready to turn off the heat just before they are done. 

You are looking for the whites to be cooked and the yolk to be done but not boiled. Poaching this way should take between 5-7 minutes only! 

Check by using a short pair of metal tongs, grabbing the cooking ring and gently moving just half an inch. The poached egg should move in tact with the ring. If it doesn’t, leave for another minute or two but watch. Turn off the heat and cover the saucepan with a lid. The eggs will still be poaching so don’t turn off the heat too late. 

🥑 Then, using 2 dessert spoons, add a generous and thick amount (about an inch) of the avocado, bacon and chilli mix, onto each hot crumpet. Flatten down.

🥑 Then, with the metal tongs, remove each cooking ring leaving the eggs behind in the frying pan. 

🥑 With a plastic slotted spoon, carefully manoeuvre the spoon underneath each egg and lift out carefully (it’ll be slippy!) Allow the excess water to drain for a couple of seconds and then place each egg carefully on top of each avocado layered crumpet, for the perfect crown! 

If making brunch, just double up the ingredients allowing 2 crumpets per person! 

Cut into the poached egg and quite simply, revel in this deliciousness!

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