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September 2020 Newsletter!

🍁Diary of a Pilates Instructor...The September Newsletter has been launched and after 6 months, VENUE classes return next week, as well as being✨Zoomed LIVE too! Hurrah! 🤸🏽‍♂️

MEMBERS, check your Inbox for the September 2020 Newsletter, which is also available to read on the Members’ Area of the Web site

The newsletter is intensely packed to the core with information, including;

🍁Classes return to VENUES this month as well as being broadcast live by ✨ZOOM! Check Diary Dates for details of which venue classes start when!

🍃Health and safety protocol all ready for venue classes

🍂Members, book your place at each VENUE class you wish to attend by PRE-BOOKING ON-LINE via the Web site


🍁Core Factor Pilates monthly feature editorial ‘Running Below the Pain Barrier. No Pain...ALL GAIN!’ in the fabulous Cambridgeshire publication What's The Buzz?

🍃The Class Timetable with start dates of new venue & Zoom courses. Remember, NEW COURSE = NEW ✨ZOOM LINK!

🍂PLUS, a homemade easy, fabulously fun fudge recipe, celebrating the start of the pear season 🍐

🍃’Principally Pilates’ Running Technique and cardio fitness into autumn

🍁The technical LOW-DOWN on 'The Push Up’

...and more!

So, enjoy the read and see you next week for classes at both VENUES and ✨🖥ZOOM ON-LINE!

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