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Diary of a Pilates Instructor...February is the month of love ❤️ and beauty too...

February is the month of love ❤️ and beauty too...with The Beauty Lounge St Ives! 🤸🏽‍♂️💅🏻

...My nail colour matches my Pilates mats! ...It’s as if I planned it!

So, having waved goodbye to the long, dark and dry!❌🍷🥂🍸🥃❌ month of January, the New Year Party dust is now well and truly settled. It’s most definitely time to love yourself a little more this February and enjoy an exclusive CORE FACTOR PILATES MEMBER 10% DISCOUNT with The Beauty Lounge St Ives! Exciting! ✨

Just book with The Beauty Lounge and benefit from this 10% discount on your first treatment, just for you, until the end of February 2019!

Health, happiness and well-being are all intrinsically linked to looking after yourself, balancing body and mind. It’s important to carry forward your New Year drive and determination into February and beyond. Fitness routines are well established by now, healthier choices and balanced eating plans continue; train yourself into a good sleep pattern and listen to your body! When you need to rest, you must try to or schedule in a quiet time away from distractions, to help clear your mind, even if it is for just 10 or 20 minutes.

Good health is maintained from not only effective exercise, contentment, a good balanced diet, effective sleep and support from loved ones and friends but also from making sure you look after yourself. It’s important to make time just for you; from a short walk outside with nature, enjoying a quiet cup of tea with your thoughts, a gentle swim or practising Pilates, these are all part and parcel of a healthy and happy way of life!

Having a massage soothes away the stresses of life and treatments for your hands and feet, dramatically improves the health and appearance of your nails. This ‘Me Time’, whatever activity, relaxation or leisure you do, is so absolutely crucial to your well-being and helps boost your confidence.

So, please do take advantage of this special exclusive February discount as a Core Factor Pilates Member and book your treatment with The Beauty Lounge St Ives! They are conveniently located upstairs at One Leisure in St. Ives, Westwood Road.

Appointments for men and women can be conveniently made 24/7 via their fabulous Web site with just a £1 deposit.

When you visit, just mention ‘Pilates Liz and the February CORE FACTOR PILATES Member offer!’ and the 10% discount will be applied!

Enjoy your time with The Beauty Lounge St Ives and I look forward to seeing you for more balancing of body and mind with #Pilates.

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