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Diary of a Poetic Pilates Instructor...Classes Resume This Week!

Pilates Ode to 2019

So, we’ve enjoyed the Christmas cheer,

And welcomed in the New Year!

Full of plans and hopes for what it brings,

But oh how tight are our hamstrings?

Christmas is a time for fun and jolly japes,

But too much time sat still, just causes body aches,

It’s great to lounge about for couple of weeks,

But blimey, our joints are now full of creeks!

All those festive parties,

Really soothe the soul,

Time to wind down is vital,

But who’s back feels like a pole?

When those clothes go on,

And all feels tight,

It’s just too distressing,

When those trousers don’t fit right.

But fret ye not,

Pilates Liz has got a plan,

To get you moving,

I’m a Pilates fan!

When you think,

That you can no longer bend,

Don’t worry,

I’m here to be your flexible friend!

We’ll strengthen and lengthen the muscles and rest,

Then we’ll strengthen and lengthen some more, with focus and zest.

We’ll do ‘The Side Kick’ and stretch the Sciatic Nerve,

Three reps each leg please, performed with control and verve.

We’ll practice ‘The Scissors’ and stretch the spine,

You’ll soon be refreshed and

Skip from classes just fine!

So, be with me from the 7th to bend the knee and stretch the waist,

Come join me in classes this week, come join me with haste!

Searching for the answer to balance both body and mind,

You need a professional Instructor, someone qualified and kind.

So, who indeed has the answer?

Could it possibly be Smarties?

No, the truth’s not within a tube,

It’s with Core Factor Pilates! ✨

Written by Elizabeth Reid 6th January 2019

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